Shoe Organizing and Display Tips

Happy Friday everyone!  So now that you have been doing your spring cleaning and hopefully cleaning out all of all those old dull shoes, it is time to start organizing and making all your uncovered beauties stand out!  In today’s post I am going to be showing a few tips on how to display your shoes to make them look like their most fabulous self!


1. Minimize clutter by displaying shoes heels first


As you can see the picture on the left looks very aesthetically pleasing and the stilettos just look killer!  Whereas on the right you have so many different variations from points and open toes, on to ruffles and straps, killing the sort of unity you are trying to achieve on big displays like this!

2. How to fix slouchy shoes

These little clear shoe displays are LIFE CHANGING!  At least for me. 😅 They can upgrade the look of so many different shoes on display, from lace-ups, to just overall slouchy shoes like these!

3. How to display thigh high boots

I wanted to display my most favorite thigh high boots in this perfect little area in my closet, but of course they are so tall that there is no chance of them standing up on their own or looking pretty!  So I got quite resourceful, and I am pretty sure there is something on the market that would do the trick and look a little less home made, but I just used pieces of card board (since you don’t see them anyway) rounded slightly to give the shoes structure so they can stand tall!

4. Organizing by color not style

And last but not least a trick for getting the most cohesive looking shoe displays I have found (from experience) is to organize your footwear by color Vs. style.  Of course I have quite a few heels and usually have at least 3 shoes that share the same color!  If you just don’t seem to have matching shoes i would go with organizing by the shoe tip (pointed toe or open toe)!


Hope you guys found this informative and happy organizing!