Bringing Summer Colors Into Fall With The Help Of Olive

Happy fall everyone!  I have officially accepted it now that the air has gotten all chilly.  I wanted to discuss a little about how to bring all your favorite pieces with summery colors into this season!  I am wearing my Nude two piece from forever 21 (Top, Pants) along with my very matchy Nude backpack  from YesStyle, which were both summer staples for me with this bright pinky nude color!  One of the best ways to darken or make outfits more current with the season is to add the color maroon or Olive into the mix!  Olive goes with most of the pink and white tones, and maroon goes with many floral’s and Beige colors!  I am wearing my brand new Olive wind breaker and my olive heels both from A’gaci Store!

Olive fall outfit

I never am the type of person to sort their clothes into seasons and pack away what “Isn’t warm enough” and such so I’ll also have more posts coming soon about how to wear skirts and shorts in the cold months too!  And maybe even some summer color skirts! 😉