Current Favorite Perfumes

Bombshell Paris by Victoria’s Secret

This is one of my favorite overall scents that is fabulous for any occasion, and also comes in a STUNNING bottle might I add!  I usually only like very sweet smelling fragrances, but I suppose this one is an exception.  It does still have a sweet girly scent to it but it is very sophisticated at the same time.

Notes:  French cypress, night blooming jasmine, white cedar wood


ARI by Ariana Grande & Sweet Like Candy

These perfumes are seriously SO me! Like if I were to create a perfume I feel like I would get this.  They are soo cute with their little plush puff balls and amazing smelling.  Sweet like candy is exactly what it advertises, SWEET!  ARI is definitely a little bit more of a toned down version of sweet like candy but they are both so perfect for summer and I having them on me all day long!

Notes: (ARI) Pear , Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry, Muguet, Rosebuds

Notes: (Sweet Like Candy) Blackberry, Bergamot, Pear, Black currant, Whipped cream


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