Cute Clothing Find Of The Week

I hope everybody is having a super fabulous weekend 😊 I just did these photos the other day of this gorgeous blush velvet and lace cami!  I got it from Zaful (who i’m in collaboration with but this isn’t sponsored) a few weeks ago but until this photo shoot I wasn’t actually crazy about it, cause of course it has allot to compete against in my closet!  What made me truly love this top was pairing it with the most simple outfits ever like whites and colors just like it – or even just a pair of light blue jeans! It stands alone so much better then with other strong pieces or colors, because with the velvet, the lace, AND the color all in one piece can get kind of clashy with other items easily, but don’t get me wrong It is a challenge I would be willing to accept.  I also did cut this top allot shorter into a crop top, it comes more of a hip length from Zaful but I had a vision.  Links to it and the outfit down below!

Multiway Slinky Bodysuit – New Favorite

This new slinky bodysuit from MissPap is by far one of my favorite pieces i’ve received this month!  It is so incredibly soft and has some many more styles i haven’t even tried!

Neighbor Hood Stroll In LA

Pink Lace + Ruffles from Misspap

Luxe Looks

Today’s OOTD is not as much of a conventional look as some because it does include more lingerie-like items, but it is more of a luxury look that I absolutely love to create outfits around!  Something like this could for sure be used to a fancy event in Hawaii or some place warm! 😉🌴


Get the bralette for $6 HERE

Get the shorts for $5 HERE

Get the faux fur coat for $35 HERE


New Elegant Pink Duster

From one of my favorite companies MissPap! 🙂  I will be doing a video very soon on my top 10 favorite online shops on my YouTube HERE

Down Town Seattle – Ft. Men’s Clothing by Boohoo

So, I have worked with for a little while now and I was totally unaware that they carry men’s clothing (boohoo men)!  Boohoo got in contact with me about showcasing some of their new pieces for guys on my guy. 😊

It was super fun doing a collaboration project together with my babe and we had fun taking some photos up in Seattle on our trip!  Go check out what they have to offer HERE and I will put all the products below!