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Hey guys!  Sorry I have been sort of AFK on my blog here for almost 2 weeks now!  SO SAD!  I just have been so busy dealing with my Instagram being hacked (all taken care of now), and trying to enjoy the last bits of summer!  I recently got a very very exciting partnership with a company with amazing evening wear and dresses!  The store is called Oh Polly, click HERE if you want to shop these looks below.

This ultra long blush fur coat is going to be heaven for the cold season coming up!  I had some fur coats in my closet that I thought were the softest things in the world, and they didn’t even compare to this coats softness.

This piece that I got from Oh Polly is also one of those things that you have to touch to fully appreciate because of the softness and weight of the fabric.  I love how well it goes with my cute little furry purse!

Trukini Swimsuit Reveal

Trukini is a super duper new swimsuit and summer accessories store!  I got this white bikini and two adorable flamingo drink holder floaties from them!  Go check them out HERE

Use the code tia15 for 15% off their website!

Get the Drink Floatie HERE

Get the White Bikini HERE

7 Easy Tricks For When You’re Incredibly Tired At Work

Its true there are always going to be those days when you stay in bed till the last possible minute in the morning, hitting snooze until you absolutely HAVE to drag yourself out of bed!  There’s no denying that you’re going to be sleepy at work because of staying out with friends late the night before, or even up on Instagram mindlessly scrolling until you’ve completely lost track of time. These are never the days that you expect to go well but there are definitely a few ways to make them much more bearable!

Use a Hydrating or Primer Mist

Get the e.l.f Aqua Beauty Primer HERE

Having a refreshing mist is one of my absolute favorite ways to brush off that morning haze.  Starting your mornings with a make up primer mist or setting spray really helps as well as keeping a hydrating mist in your bag for throughout the day!

Check out a great nourishing facial spray HERE

Listen To Music

Image result for rose gold beats

Get these headphones HERE

One of the best ways to get your mood from 0 to 100 real quick is putting on some really good music!  You can always make a playlist ahead of time of some of your best feel good songs that you know give you that extra energy!

Drink One Glass Of Water An Hour

Setting a goal of drinking a glass or water every hour will help with a number of things!  Water can be a natural headache remedy, as well as improving your skins health, boosts your immune system, and is of course known for helping increase your energy!

Ice water is even more effective if your aren’t already cold!

Give Yourself a Massage

You may have to take your hands away from the keyboard for just a second to do this, but it can really help wake you up and even get you to stand up and stretch to relieve any underlying aches or pains you might have!

Chew Gum or Have a Snack

Chewing anything, even if it’s just your pen or pencil, causes your body to think you are about to eat. Your body will prepare for food by releasing insulin, which will make you more alert!

Spray One Of Your Favorite Perfumes

Your sense of smell can definitely effect your mood and how alive you are feeling!  Spray one of your favorite perfumes that you wear on your good days or maybe a fruity or refreshing one for a little pick-me-up feeling!

One of my favorite sweet scents is Wicked by Victoria’s Secret

Have a Regular Bedtime and Healthy Diet

If you can remain consistent with the time you go to bed (no, not consistently 3am) it work wonders on your energy level and can really help your body become accustom to a wake up time in the morning so you can feel more refreshed!

Top 10 Most Worth It For The Price Crop Tops

Velvet Blush Cami – $15

I got this top from a company called Zaful!  It originally came to me allot more like a cami tank but I cut mine into a crop top!  Click the link above to check it out!

Embroidered Lace Up Tank – $12

This cute embroidered top is also from Zaful!  I love how it combined the embroidery trend and the lace-up trend and one! is definitely one of my summer staples and I got it in a size S!

White Off Shoulder Lace Up Top – $24

This top is one of my favvvvorites!  It is the perfect length to wear with high waist or normal cut bottoms and it is super comfy and pretty!

Beige Halter Top – $2.50

This one obviously has an unbeatable price as well as a super cute cut to it!  I love how simple it is and goes with so much!  I am going to go back and get it in pink soon!

White Lace Up Crop Top – $4

Super basic (yet not so basic) white crop top!  And at this price point it is hard to say no to!

Pink Off-shoulder Frill Crop Top – $11

One of my favorite light pink crop tops (and there are allot of them).  This top is from Zaful and goes super well with so many things!

Pink Lace Up Off-Shoulder Top $17

Just like the white one this pink lace up top is a perfect length and seriously such lovely piece to add to your summer wardrobe!  I love the little gold keyholes for the lace ups that go perfectly with other accessories.

White Off-Shoulder Frill Crop Top – $11

This white frill top I’ve worn countless times ever since i got it!  It is so worth it for the $11!

Pink Bow Tie Crop Top $3

This tops high light is for sure the bow tie back!  Me and my sister loved getting these together to take a cute beach shot!

Pink Suede V Crop Top $10

Last but not least this beautiful suede v neck from Ebay!  I would say you could wear this all seasons with the right layering and the color is just the perfect blush!