Wardrobe Clean-Out

Hey guys! So lately I have been working on my closet space(s) and reorganizing and such, and most people will laugh at me when I say it actually legitimately has been stressing me out how many clothes I own!  I have done a good job sorting out quite a lot of items from my closet but I am still working on getting rid of more.  You can check out my video on me actually going through my stuff HERE, and you can also go see what stuff I am selling out of my closet HERE on depop!

Luxury outfits… from Amazon

Both of these incredibly luxury outfits (minus the outerwear) are all from amazon believe it or not!  Down to these Louboutin Impera dupes that I’m wearing for a fraction of the price!  Shop the post from the little tab down below!

New Video Review – Baggage Culture

Just partnered with a brand new shop called Baggage Culture!  They have a ton of super cute little pieces like this white dress and white shorts!  Go see the full video HERE.

A Very Glittery Halloween

So first of all getting into character for this years costume took a half a second 😅 I already act like a princess most of the time!

But anyways lets talk about Halloween, one of my favorite holidays ever; I definitely have a strong sense of wonder for pretty much all holidays, like I have to be doing something festive for the holiday or else I feel undeniably sad.  This Halloween since I’m waaaay past trick or treating age (😢) you will probably catching me at some haunted houses, which I probably won’t be able to open my eyes at and I am not great with scary movies either but, hey its Halloween!  I also love baking and decorating and I made a whole video on super fun halloween-y type things to do HERE if you want to watch it!  It was actually even sponsored by Walmart (#ad).  I also got sponsored to show off this pretty princess costume by Yandy along with a Cinderella one too!  So I think I am very set for a spooky yet sparkly Halloween with all my glitter pumpkins and princess costumes!  Happy Halloween!!🎃

Lace Up Pink Co-ord

Glam Rose Gold Outfit

Wild Roots

Super excited to show off this gorgeous custom jewelry made by a close friend who has now started her own store call Wild Roots!  I love it so much when people around me are being entrepreneurs.  Go check out her etsy shop HERE

How To Create The Perfect Flatlay Photo

I just want to say ANYONE can be a fashion blogger if it is what they are truly passionate about!  I wanted to put this post out to just kind of show a little insight into what I do and think about when creating my flat-lay photos – (for people looking into how to learn how to take flat-lay photos or just curious to see how its done).  Here are my top tips for creating a successful flatlay:

1. Folding The Clothes Just Right

You can either go with the perfection folding type look or the messy “i just threw this together” kinda look.  But my advice is to pick one and run with it, with the exception of one piece in the layout to be the complete opposite! Example* If its going to be a clean perfectly in line layout throw the shoes at a few different angles to create interest

2. Picking The Right Accessories

Picking the right accessories and knowing when to stop (and when to add), is very important in creating a layout!  Simplicity can be very beautiful but there are some layouts where the more detail the better!

3. Arranging it for the perfect composition

When you are dealing with lots of little bits and pieces in a photo it is important to pay great attention to every detail!  One little piece that isn’t quite in line can taint your whole photo!

4. Adding the Non clothing items

What I mean by this is add in things that aren’t just all about the subject.  If you are doing a layout type photo with food, maybe try adding some cute sunglasses or a bag!

5. Picking the right background and lighting

The two most important tips I could give – If the lighting is terrible or the background is some old carpet your layout photo couldn’t be saved even by all these other tips combined.  Daylight is the best and always pick a nice clean background!