My Picks From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So a few days ago my boyfriend and I were browsing through the Nordstrom at my mall and saw a big giant crowd in the shoe section – so we of course wanted to investigate.   We found out pretty quickly that it was the early access Nordstrom anniversary sale and we went to look even though neither of us had a Nordstrom card!  I made a few notes and took a couple pictures waiting for today when I could go find them online!  Lately, I’ve been having a bags and shoes obsession as well as outerwear (even though I’m a little early for Fall) and I wanted to share my favorite shoes, outerwear, and purses that I picked out from the Nordstrom anniversary sale!

Under $100

Camel Brown Backpack

Knit Light Grey Coat

Superstar White Adidas 

Steve Madden Chestnut Booties

Stone Lace Up Pumps

Taupe Thigh High Boots

Quilted Bomber Jacket

Camel Suede Long Vest


My Picks From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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