All About The Lace-Up Trend – Future of Fashion

The lace-up feature is one of the most expanded trends from this year in my opinion because it has spread from tops, to bottoms, to shoes, and even outerwear!  It can be the focal point of the whole garment, or just a mere detail for added femininity!  Even though is it already such a developed fashion feature I think it still has a long way to go!


A Brief History of Lace-Up Detailing

Lace-up details made its first appearance during the 1970s on pieces such as the peasant blouses, but before that they were very prominent in women’s boots that laced all the way up the front of the leg.  Today’s lace-up detailing is much more fashion forward in clothing, especially when added to things like pants or having the full front of a shirt being laced up.


Why I Love It

Trends that you can dress up or down are always amazing!  Whether you are going on date night or just on a walk in the park, this trend is always easy to incorporate!  Plain Cami tanks have become more exciting and who wouldn’t want that extra sexy detail on a dress?  It even helps pieces fit a broader spectrum of sizes and shapes!


All About Styling It

1) The Full Lace Up Top

The lace up tops that are fully laced up from top to bottom.  Has the best size adjustability (the white crop top was a size large 😯) and a super statement piece!


2) The Undone Look

Something different to try with some of your lace up tops.  Try not tying super tight next time for a more effortless look!


3) Lace Up Pants Skirts & More

On pants the lace up details are almost always just for looks! 😅  Most of the time you will find a zipper or buttons somewhere else on the piece to get into it.

4) The Sexy Back

One of the most common way this trend is showcased on dresses.  Elegant and very sexy!


5) Wear It On Your Feet 

And last but not least lace up shoes!  Where it all started with the laces on a sneaker or boot, it has come such a long way expanding to heels flats and so much more!


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