7 Easy Tricks For When You’re Incredibly Tired At Work

Its true there are always going to be those days when you stay in bed till the last possible minute in the morning, hitting snooze until you absolutely HAVE to drag yourself out of bed!  There’s no denying that you’re going to be sleepy at work because of staying out with friends late the night before, or even up on Instagram mindlessly scrolling until you’ve completely lost track of time. These are never the days that you expect to go well but there are definitely a few ways to make them much more bearable!

Use a Hydrating or Primer Mist

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Having a refreshing mist is one of my absolute favorite ways to brush off that morning haze.  Starting your mornings with a make up primer mist or setting spray really helps as well as keeping a hydrating mist in your bag for throughout the day!

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Listen To Music

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One of the best ways to get your mood from 0 to 100 real quick is putting on some really good music!  You can always make a playlist ahead of time of some of your best feel good songs that you know give you that extra energy!

Drink One Glass Of Water An Hour

Setting a goal of drinking a glass or water every hour will help with a number of things!  Water can be a natural headache remedy, as well as improving your skins health, boosts your immune system, and is of course known for helping increase your energy!

Ice water is even more effective if your aren’t already cold!

Give Yourself a Massage

You may have to take your hands away from the keyboard for just a second to do this, but it can really help wake you up and even get you to stand up and stretch to relieve any underlying aches or pains you might have!

Chew Gum or Have a Snack

Chewing anything, even if it’s just your pen or pencil, causes your body to think you are about to eat. Your body will prepare for food by releasing insulin, which will make you more alert!

Spray One Of Your Favorite Perfumes

Your sense of smell can definitely effect your mood and how alive you are feeling!  Spray one of your favorite perfumes that you wear on your good days or maybe a fruity or refreshing one for a little pick-me-up feeling!

One of my favorite sweet scents is Wicked by Victoria’s Secret

Have a Regular Bedtime and Healthy Diet

If you can remain consistent with the time you go to bed (no, not consistently 3am) it work wonders on your energy level and can really help your body become accustom to a wake up time in the morning so you can feel more refreshed!



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