Most Trendy Inexpensive Brands

The two brands I’m wearing in this outfit could possibility be the best mixes of trendy and cute (not having to sift through weird things to find treasures) and also super affordable prices will all their sales!  The white ruffle top is from MissPap which is always on point with trend and i will always like at least 2 or 3 things from each page I go through (very rare)!  Same goes for the next clothing company Boohoo which is where I got the peach pink duster!  There are adorable things left and right and they also have a men’s line too!

Summer Picks – Zaful Two-piece

This cute little two-piece set is definitely one of my favorite super summery outfits for this new found warm weather here in Oregon!  I love its kind of sailor-esque look with the baby blue stripes and all; And the lace up and frills aren’t a bad touch too! 👌😊